Passion for challenge, our guidance! With the purpose to offer to the Albanian market a local high quality brand, KA Trading Ltd started its activity on 2007. Our key to success stands with the FOCUS on the PRODUCT, no compromise with QUALITY and the satisfaction of END USER! In every activity of ours, we follow the principles of Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Leadership and Correctness. These values unite KA Trading. These values help us to move forward in our everyday activity and to have strong basis every day and more. We claim the best.


KA TRADING sh.p.k guarantees the clients and the authorities that we are engaged to ensure the highest quality and safety levels by executing an effective system of quality and process control.More


KA Trading’ s ambition is to penetrate into the Balkans new markets and why not further, accompanied inextricably to the improvement of quality and the fulfillment of the product’s portfolio.


After all these of these years of being, KA Trading counts over 30 people in its team, among them technicians of a high level of knowledge in electronics and an engineer who lead the group, as well as a large number of successful collaborators and distributors.


Today KA Trading offers baby diapers, adult diapers and pads for domestic or hospital use. Our goal is to rise the range of our products without mislaying the quality but improving it in parallel to the application of innovative technology. A particular emphasis and attention is dedicated to the quality of the first materials choosing the best suppliers in the world.